These are mostly recommendations of people I have met and interviewed through the Conscious Grief Series.

Some are based in the UK and some in the US, Canada or Australia.

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Bereaved Children Charities

Child Bereavement UK

Good Grief USA

EmpoweringHer UK & USA

Winstons Wish

Other Charities

James’ Place - Men Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention UK

Mothers Against Drink Driving

Susan G Komen Foundation

Helping Parents Heal

Our House

Child Loss

Helping Parents Heal

Megan Hilluka, Grieving Mom’s Haven

Erics House

Lucy Sessions

Fertility Problems

Emma Cannon

Getting Sober

Sara Perry

Grief and Creativity

The Good Grief Project


Linda Broder

Life Transitions

Helene Stelian


Suzanne Giesemann

Melinda Vail

Kat B

Debbie Squizzero

Cate Coffelt

Pet Loss

Jackie Weaver

Marian Silverman

Liz Murdoch

Pregnancy After Loss

Tahnee Knowles

Relationship Grief & Divorce

Amanda Lambros

Sara Davidson

Carrie Doubts

Cheryl Fidelman


Polly Webb Nutrition

Emma Ball Meditation

Spiritual Grief Coaching

Tara Nash

Paula Majeski

Uma Girish

Meghan Smith Brooks

Suicide Loss Bereavement

Healing to the Max

Suicide Bereavement Coaching



Acupuncture & Qi Gong

Adults Bereaved as Children, Mandy Gosling.

A to Z Healing Toolbox

Clearmind International.



Emma Cannon Author & Acupuncturist


Kym Hinchey Grief Coach

Nesreen Ahmed

Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica.

The Grief Recovery Method


Revelation Breathwork

Robert Pardi

Spirit of Story

Wim Hof Breathwork


Sat Siri

Paul Denniston

Emma Conally-Barklem

Instagram Pages

Randi Wolfson @griefandgrits

Mark Lemon @marklemonofficial

Kayleigh O’Connor @goodgrief_uk

Sara Cobb @my_grief_connection

Sophie Mills @the_grief_revolution

Clemmie Myers Creatives @limegreenbow

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This book highlights what it means to be conscious in grief.

Through the lens of personal experience and interviews the challenges unfold and moves the reader forward to gather wisdom from the heartfelt and poignant reflections.

Tara Nash reminds us of the collective experience of loss and encourages us to dig deep to dismantle the barriers around our grief and mourn our losses.

This beautiful writing shows the journey of the heart where transformation is possible.

Mandy Gosling, UKCP Psychotherapist, Founder ABC Grief

"With her signature warmth and generosity, Tara offers a practical guide to loss and healing. Her insight and compassion are a welcome companion on the very personal journey which is grief."

Charlotte Maya, Author of Sushi Tuesdays: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Resilience

About Tara Nash, author and Grief Coach
Tara Nash was formerly in the fashion business in London until she finally couldn’t run from her grief anymore.

She decided to change everything in her life and move to LA to study a masters in Spiritual Psychology. It was during this time, thousands of miles from home, that she finally confronted the death of her parent’s, and her Conscious Grieving began.

Tara’s father died suddenly of a heart attack when she was 9 and her mother died of breast cancer when she was 21. No therapist of coach ever attributed her struggles to grief.
This has inspired Tara to uncover the mysteries and misidentifications of grief and now she has a passion to teach how sitting with the pain can lead to powerful transformations.

Tara teaches Grief Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork to help clients move grief through the body. She facilitates an 11 week group course called the ‘Conscious Grief Program’, an opportunity to heal in community and learn about the grief process.

Tara now lives back in London with her Toy Poodle, ‘Kenny Rogers.’

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